LLC-36 Richard.jpg

Richard Gibb

Church lead

Richard is married to Alison and works as a Director for a management consultancy firm.  Richard, who helps lead activities within the new church, studied Theology at Wheaton College near Chicago and at the University of St Andrews.  He swims each day and had a mid-life crisis a couple of years ago when he took up judo!


LLC-35 Stevie.jpg

Stephen Jones

youth & loch leven kids

Stephen helps with the youth and kids work at Loch Leven Church.  He lives in Kinross with his wife Caroline and their 3 children - Benjamin, Phoebe and James.  He works as a Chemistry teacher at Perth High School and when not working enjoys running, skiing and ultimate frisbee!



Alison Gibb

Loch Leven Kids

Alison is married to Richard and they have a son at Kinross Primary School.  Alison, who grew up in Northern Ireland, works for NHS Fife.  She enjoys cooking and spending time with her family and friends.


LLC-34 Rhona.jpg

Rhona Hendry


Rhona is married to Scott and they have three young children.  Before having children she worked in Ninewells - firstly in Paediatrics and then specialised in Neonates.  She is now a full time mum who enjoys running her own Flamingo Paperie business in her 'spare time'!


susie small.jpg

Susie Keely

administration & finance

Susie works for a training and coaching company for the oil and gas industry.  Susie grew up in Glasgow, moved to Perthshire in 2001 and then to Kinross very recently.  She is excited to see how God will use her within this new church setting.